The Museum of History of Catalonia

The Museum of History of Catalonia

The Museum of History of Catalonia (Museu d’Història de Catalunya) is a museum about Catalonia open to the world. If you are into history and culture and want to know more about Catalonia, a visit to this museum is highly recommended.

The Museum of History of Catalonia opened in 1996 to make Catalan history and culture better known to its citizens and to any visitor. The museum stimulates an interaction between history and the other social sciences and actively engages in contemporary issues and happenings. The Museum of History of Catalonia counts with a cultural centre offering to its visitors opportunities for learning as well as relaxation and enjoyment. 

The Museum of History of Catalonia (Museu d’Història de Catalunya) is hosted in a charming red brick building overlooking Port Vell (Old Harbour). This building used to be the old trade warehouses (Magatzems Generals de Comerç), and now the only building of the old industrial port of Barcelona to be conserved. This building it is nowadays known as the Palau de Mar and was designed in 1881 by the engineer Maurici Garrán and was intended to be used as a warehouse.

One thing that is probably a bit less known is that the museum has a fantastic roof terrace with a cocktail bar. It’s large chill-out area makes this roof terrace as the perfect place to relax after a busy day visiting monuments and museums in Barcelona. From the terrace one can enjoy a stunning view of the old harbour. The picture we are showing in this article is in fact the view you will be seeing if you visit the terrace’s museum.

Barcelona has plenty of “secret” roof terraces, many of them hidden in hotels and many others hidden in museums or cultural centres. We consider the terrace of the Museum of History of Catalonia as one of the hidden secrets of Barcelona.

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Vladinsky painting

Art Exhibition in Sitges

A new art exhibition in Sitges will be shown at Out of Africa Gallery this April. The work of Vladinsky will be on show from April 9 thru May 29, 2016.

Vladinsky was born in 1988 in Onesti, Romania. With a background in graphic design he first approached abstract painting to eventually move his artistic expression into portraits.

His artistic language draws inspiration from pop art with a very expressive and powerful work. The paintings on show at Out of Africa are a series of portraits of Black celebrities who had an impact to the world.

The paintings are all large format and with the colourful pop technique used they are quite impressive. The opening show will be on April 9th, 2016 at 8.00pm with a jam session and cava cocktail.

Out of Africa is an art gallery specialized in African and tribal art that is now a reference in Catalonia. With 6 art exhibitions every year the gallery works with the most talented African artists in the market. These artists can be either young promising artists or already established and recognized ones in the art world.

Out of Africa is located in c. Mayor 7.

For more information about this new art exhibition in Sitges you can Click HERE!


3PGallery Opening


For our art lover followers we would like to recommend 3PGallery Opening taking place on Saturday March 5th, 2016

3PGallery is an on-line Art Gallery showcasing a selection of highly talented artists to a global audience. Periodically 3PGallery also organizes openings to present their artists in very unique settings. The venue for this opening will be at the Studio Australia in Gracia district in their breathtaking location, a beautiful Barcelona building from late 1800.

The artists work that will be exposed ranges from black and white photography of talented Philipp Pawelka to beautiful sculptures from Milos Gras and Jesús Reigosa, the unique assemblage from Miquel Aparici, and the amazing abstract paintings from Jean_Mark Hild. A wide variety of artistic languages and techniques from a diverse yet very inspiring group of artists.

The richness and diversity of the art that is proposed by 3PGalley is very promising. If you are into art and want to view these artists work in this special setting chosen by 3PGallery for this opening you should not miss this opportunity.

If you cannot attend the opening you can view the art work till April 1st by appointment contacting the gallery director Karine Heckmann, RSVP by March 3rd, 2016.

To know more about 3PGallery and the artists CLICK HERE!

The venue: Studio Australia Barcelona in c. Gran de Gracia 47, Principal 1º



Sorella Acosta gallery

New Art Exhibition at Out of Africa gallery in Sitges

A new opening at Out of Africa gallery this Saturday 5 December, 2015 in Sitges. Kristine Tsala, with “Street Attitude” exhibition will show her work. Kristine is one of the most outstanding artist of the new  artistic scene of Cameroon. In her paintings she reflects the abundance of life in all its forms. If you look carefully her drawing style you can certainly see the influence of Amedeo Modigliani with figures with a long and elegant necks. Kristine’s paintings are colourful, powerful and intense and this is surely an exhibition that should not be missed.

The openings or “vernissage” at Out of Africa are usually very entertaining. Besides viewing the work of art while sipping a nice glass of cava wine, you can enjoy some extra entertainment such a concert or a tea ceremony. This time there will be a jam session.

Out of Africa is now a reference in Sitges and Catalonia for tribal and African art with 6 exhibition every year with some of the best established or emerging African artists.

If you want to know more about Kristine Tsala art or the Out of Africa click here

During December and January Out of Africa will be opened as follows:

els dilluns, dijous i divendres:

Monday, Thursday and Friday: 11 to 14 and 18 to 20.30
Saturday: 11 to 14 and 18 to 21

Sunday: 11 to 14 and 17 to 20

During Christmas holiday the gallery will be opened every day from 11 to 14 and fro 18 to 20.30

address: c. Mayor 7, Sitges

Tel: +34 618 356 351

Smallest theater in the world Barcelona

A Unique Place for Classical Music in Barcelona

Smallest theater in the world Barcelona

There are many places to attend classical music concerts in Barcelona. A place that is certainly special and unique is The Smallest Theater in the World. This really small theater is inside a modernist house from 1890 which is located in the heart of Gracia district. The concert room can host up to 40 people and it is a perfect intimate environment to enjoy piano concerts or chamber music.

The theater was funded in 1999 by the Catalan pianist and composer Luis de Arquer and opera critic Roger Alier. The first performance was Rita, the opera from Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti. Because of it’s success the performance was followed by many others.

Public concerts are played on Saturday at 21:00. Concerts are by solo piano where music from famous classical composers is played. This year there is also a series of concerts called “no solo piano” in which piano music is blended with video images and acting performance.

The Smallest Theater in the World is a space that can be also rented for private concerts. Is the perfect venue to celebrate special occasions for business or personal matters. There can be a concert with a cocktail party or a dinner. The House disposes of a beautiful garden where dinner tables can be arranged. Certainly a unique settings with a magic atmosphere.

If you are in Sitges or in Barcelona and you are into classical music and you want to escape the crowd of tourists then this theater is a place to visit.

Concert tickets range between 12,50€ to 28,00€

Address: Carrer de l’Encarnació, 25

For more information about the theater click this link.

Casa Marsans

Travelling with a budget: Casa Marsans

Casa Marsans Barcelona 1

Travelling with a budget doesn’t mean that you have to to stay in squalid or shabby places. It is the case with Casa Marsans in Vallcarca district in Barcelona. This amazing house is now an “albergue” (a hostel both for youth and adult travellers) where one can stay for as little as 14€ per night.

But what is so special about this place and what is it’s history? This magnificent building was commissioned to the architect Juli Mariné in 1906 by the wealthy Marsans family, bankers and founder of Marsans travel agency. The family wanted to have a second residence during a time that many, now centric, Barcelona districts where independent villages. The location is near park Güell which is a hilly area rich of vegetations and with spectacular views of the city of Barcelona. An ideal location!

The architecture of the house is impressive: Catalan modernism blended with a neo-moresque style. Beautiful wood carving works with splendid colourful glasses around the house and on the roof top. At the entrance a large hall with an elegant marble stair leading to the upper floor with the bedrooms.

During the Spanish civil war the house was expropriated to become a hospital, then a military headquarter and from 1946 to 1957 it would become an orphanage hosting children from Eastern Europe. In 1982 the house was acquired by the city hall (ayuntamiento) and converted into an hotel. Casa Marzans can host up to 150 guests who are accommodated in bedroom with 4 to 6 beds. The price for a night ranges between 14€ to 25€ depending on the season.

If you are staying in Sitges and are up for a day trip to Barcelona you could combine a visit of this house while you are visiting Park Güell for example as the two monuments are fairly close. Casa Mansans will not have crowds of tourists nonetheless is a place that deserves a visit. A beautiful piece of history of Barcelona and a stunning architecture. We let the pictures here speak for themselves. 🙂

For more information about Casa Marsans click here

Casa Marsans

Casa Marsans

Casa Marsans Barcelona

Architecture Lovers: 48 Hours Open House Barcelona

This weekend (October 24 -25, 2015) 170 buildings that are normally closed to the public will be open for a visit. This event now at it’s 6th edition in Barcelona is called 48 Hours Open House Barcelona and represents an opportunity to discover architectural jewels that otherwise could not be admired.

This initiative originated in London in 1992 and over time extended to other cities. In Barcelona 48 Hours Open House started in 2010 and it is addressed primarily to it’s habitants to make them live the city architecture.

In this picture you can admire Casa Marsans designed by architect Juli Mariné who was commissioned by Marsans family to build a second residence. During the Spanish civil war the house was expropriated and converted into a hospital, eventually it became an army headquarter and then an orphanage home.
The modernist architecture of the house is blended with an arabic style similar to the one of the alambras that can be found in Andalusia. The architecture of this house is as interesting as his history.

48 Hours Open Houses Barcelona is a great opportunity to dig deeper on Barcelona history, admire it’s beauties and discover more about the adventurous life that many of these 170 buildings had.

If you want to know more about this event click here.

Mercantic El Siglo

A Great Vintage Market near Barcelona

Mercantic Sant Cugat


If you like vintage objects you definitely want to visit Mercantic. This market is located in Sant Cugat, a popular town beyond Collserola hill next to Barcelona. Mercantic is both outdoor and indoor. As you walk in, there is a strip with 250 sellers with second hand items and artisans, primarily carpenters, exposing their manufactured products. You can find tables, chairs, lamps, cutlery, cristal glasses, clothing and all sorts of things. The indoor part is also quite big. There are shops of all sorts selling watches, vintage toys, jewels, straw made decoration items such as carpets, baskets, bags, furnitures and some great design shops including one specialised in letters lights.

Visiting markets can be fairly exhausting so if you want to take a break you can rest in the gastronomic section of the market. There are street food trucks selling Mexican food, vegetarian food, French food, etc. with an outdoor sit in area with tables and chairs. The most entertaining spot by far is the book bar El Siglo. This is a huge library, book shop and bar with a stage. Today there were 9 elements performing a great concert at noon! A huge cristal chandelier hanging from the roof made the atmosphere quite spectacular. You can grab a bite, have a drink, read and buy books and enjoy a fantastic concert (for free). Quite an experience!

Mercantic indoor shops are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 to 20:00 and on Sunday from 9:30 to 15:00. The vintage market is open only on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 15:00.


San Cougat is about 15 km away from Barcelona and 45Km away from Sitges. You can easily get there from Barcelona with line S2 of Ferrocarril direction Sabadell and get off at Volpalleres station, then is a 5 minutes walk to the market.

For more information about Mercantic click this link: Mercantic

Out of Africa gallery Sitges

Idrissa Diarra Opening show at Out of Africa Gallery in Sitges

Out of Africa gallery Sitges

From September 10 5, 2015 to October 31, 2015, Out of Africa Sitges (Barcelona) Gallery will present “Spirits of the Forest,” an exhibition of naïve paintings by Ivory Coast painter Idrssa Diarra. On show also the sculpture of Belgian artist Jean Claude.

These two artists coming from two different worlds and using different forms of artistic expression will make us enter the shadows of the tropical rainforest and make direct contact with its secret inhabitants, the spirits of the forest. A cultural exchange between two worlds yet united by the love  of nature.

The opening show will be Saturday September 12 with a cocktail and a flute music performance and it is expected to be a very entertaining evening.

Out of Africa is a prominent art gallery in Sitges specialised in tribal art and not only. It hosts contemporary art exhibitions a few  times a year, showing European artists inspired by Africa, and emerging African artists, noted for their freedom of expression and the originality of their artistic language.

Date of exhibition: September 12, 2015
Time: 20:00
Location: Out of Africa Gallery in carrer Mayor 7

For more information about the gallery and the exhibition click this link:


Vintage Car Rally Sitges

The Vintage Car Rally Barcelona – Sitges

This fascinating Vintage Car Rally Barcelona – Sitges started in 1959 as an initiative of the Tourism Development organization. The first edition had a total of 23 cars and not this is pretty much followed, not only among fans of these cars, but among the general public and the Catalan institutions as it is one of the main winter touristic initiatives in winter.

In its early years and until 1988 the Rally was played during Carnival Sunday and now to avoid conflict with other events in the city of Barcelona where the Rally starts, it is celebrated during the month of March.

The rally starts from the Sant Jaume square in Barcelona and brings together thousands of people who come to admire these vehicles truly representing the history of the car over the years. Participants are from France, Andorra, England, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland and the United States and from many regions from Spain. The number of participants has increased in recent years, there are between 80 and 100 cars from the first few decades of 1900. These cars are museum pieces that rides for a few hours and cope with the complex challenge of the beautiful and hilly ride of Garraf coast before arriving to Sitges which is the final destination . The great thing of this Rally is also the fact that the cars’ occupants make the journey dressed according to the time of construction of the car in which they go. There is a Grand Prize for Elegance awarded which is granted by a jury composed of professionals from the world of fashion. The car prizes go for the best preserved and most original cars according to 5 different time frames ranging from 1908 to 1928. Prizes consist of trophies offered by local councils, Government, Provincial Government, Tourism Promotion Sitges and it is an event declared of National Touristic Interest.

Here is the draft of the activity for 2015:

Saturday March 21
Participants gathering at 10.00am in Avenida Diagonal before L’Illa Center and car checks up to 5.30pm

Domingo día 22 marzo 2015
From 08:30am to 10.30am in Plaza Sant Jaume arrival of cars and participants wearing costumes according to the age of their car. Traditional chocolatada at the City Hall

11:00am the ride starts passing thru the gothic district streets and heading to Sitges via the Garraf coastal road.
11:30am to 13:15pm arrival of luxury sport cars at Plaza de la Fregata and car exhibition
12.00pm to 2.00pm live music at Cap de la Villa and Plaza de la Fragata.
12.30pm approximately, the arrival of 56th Barcelona-Sitges Rally cars at Aiguadolç port
13.30pm the Rally cars drive from the Port to Sitges center to stay in exhibition till 5.30pm. During this time there will be lunch and the prizes award.
For more information check this link:

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