For the Architecture Lovers. Unique Properties in Sitges, Barcelona: Villa Anita

“Villa Anita” which used to be the house of Josep Ferrer i Torrabas, was build by the Architect Gaietà Buïgas i Monravà in 1900 and it is located in Calle Santiago Rusiñol, 33 in the lovely district of San Sebastian. It is a Neo-gothic building composed of three sections where the middle section is set back enough to afford a patio. The main entrance has an arched porch (leading to the front door) supporting a stone balcony with a balustrade of carved quatrefoils. Foliage-decorated carved stone mouldings are also present over window lintels. As you do your tour to admire all the unique modernist properties in Sitges, make sure you don't miss Villa Anita, it is truly beautiful!

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