Malvasia Week Sitges

The 4th edition of the Malvasia Week Sitges is taking place form May 23 to May 29, 2016. This is an opportunity to enjoy and familiarise with Malvasia wine production in Penedes, the wine region around Sitges.

Malvasia wine is an autochthonous grape from which a sweet (or dry) and fragrant dessert wine is made. Malvasia grape is also used to produce cava, the famous sparkling wine produced in Penedes.

The novelty of this edition of the Malvasia Week Sitges has been that neighbour Regions have been invited to participate in the event. A wider and richer offer of wines is then available.

But how and where one can taste the Malvasia? The wine bars and shops propose Malvasia wine tasting sessions. There is a charge of 10€ with limited seats available. These are the shops and the dates of the tasting session:

VIMESVI: Carrer Santiago Rusiñol, 2 on May 24 at 18:00
PERBACCO: Carrer Sant Gaudenci, 5 on May 25 at 19:00
EL RECÓ DEL VI: Carrer Sant Domènech, 4 on May 26 at 19:30

If you don’t manage to get a seat just come back to one of these shop and conversate with the staff to know more about the Malvasia bottles they have been promoting during the week.

There is also a long list of tapas bars and restaurants proposing their dishes paired with Malvasia.

The tapas bar participating in the Malvasia Week Sitges are:

13 Llunes, Barrio Leo, Café Roy, Dehesa Santa Maria, El Botiquín, El Cable, La  Formatgeria de Sitges, La Guineu, La Mediterrània, Louise se Va, Sports Bar and Vivinwine.

The restaurants participating in the Malvasia Week Sitges are:

Alenti, Cau del Vinyet (H. Subur Marítim) , El “Nou” Secreto, El Mascarón, La Incidència del Factor Vi,  La  Nansa, La Pepa del Mar, La Pícara,  La Pèrgola (Hotel Antemare), La Punta (Hotel Dolce), La Salseta, La Santa Maria, La Sitja (Escola d’Hostaleria), Los Vikingos,  Magoa, Mare Nostrum, Pic Nic and Sitthai.

These bars and restaurants are near Casita Sitges and can be reached with a short walk.

The wineries participating at the Malvasia Week Sitges are:

Pradans vi Rupestris, Vega de Ribes vi Saserra i vi escumós Ancestral, Can Feixes vi Blanc Tradició, Jane Ventura Malvasia de Sitges vi del Celler , Mas Oller vi de Mas Oller, Can Ramon Viticultors amb vi escumósClos Lentiscus Blanc de Blancs, Floral At Roca vi de At Roca, Celler de l’Hospital Sant Joan Baptista, Vi Blanc Subur d’Aigualoç, Malvasia de Sitges Seca , Malvasia de Sitges Dolça and Monembasia vi escumós.

In this list I have tasted the Celler de l’Hospital Sant Joan Baptista which is actually produced in Sitges in a rather small piece of land. It is probably the most well known Malvasia of an outstanding quality. A 500 ml bottle costs approximately 16€.

Sitges Malvasia

If you want to live your holiday feeling like a local, the Malvasia Week Sitges is a great opportunity to strengthen that feeling. Enjoy and salud! 🙂


Sitges Carnival 2016

Sitges Carnival 2016

Sitges Carnival 2016 is at the door! And the official program just came out. Albeit the official dates are from February 4 to February 10 the activities start on January 30. Costumes, parties and the sparkling atmosphere are already in the village!

There are two key dates: Sunday February 7th and Tuesday February 9th. In both dates there is the main adults parade starting at 8:00pm. Fat Tuesday parade is the biggest one with over 50 floats and more than 3.500 performers dressed in beautiful costumes. During Sitges Carnival there are more than 250.000 people gravitating in town enjoy the fun.

In this article we would like to share the link of Sitges Carnival 2016 with the program both in English and in French as many of our followers are French.

To find out more about Sitges Carnival 2016 in English CLICK HERE!

To find out more about Sitges Carnival 2016 in French CLICK HERE!

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Twelve grapes

Twelve Grapes

The twelve grapes is a Spanish tradition of New Year’s Eve that dates back from the end of 1800. This tradition consists in eating each of the twelve grapes for every midnight bell strike on December 31st. Some people believe that it was originated by wine producers in Alicante region with the intent to increase sales of grapes.

New Year’s Eve in Catalonia is typically celebrated with the family with the younger folks going out partying after mid-night. There is also the custom to gather around major squares in town to eat the twelve grapes at midnight.

If you are in Sitges the gathering place would be in front of San Bartolomeu and Santa Tecla church. The scenery is fantastic as the church overlooks the sea and at the bottom of its stairs the sea waves break into the pavement.

We wish you a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a splendid 2016!

Christmas in Sitges

Christmas and New Year in Sitges

The agenda for Christmas and New Year in Sitges is very busy this year. Sitges is a former fishing village with about 30.000 habitants. It is not an empty place during the holidays contrary to what happens in most beach town during winter. The town and particularly the old village is beautifully lively during the holidays.

Windows shopping are great, the food market is very busy with everybody buying the best local marisco (sea food) to prepare the best family special meals. The town hall does a great job in organising activities and entertainment for everybody. This includes young people full of energy to party, families wanting to relax and entertain their children, or a gay people who want to be surrounded by a friendly environment.

Most bars, restaurants and night clubs remain open during the holiday so the holiday is also a fiesta. For those visitors who are more into culture and art the town will not be disappointing as museums are open and have a lot to offer. This is why we love Sitges so much, there is always something fun or exciting to be done.

To know more about what’s on in town during this holiday CLICK HERE!

Casita Sitges wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

San Bartolomeu Church in Sitges

Christmas Midnight Mass

Christmas midnight mass is an appointment that catholics attend. The Christmas midnight mass is a joyful and spiritual ceremony bringing together families and devoted people. This mass is usually enriched by choir and music and it is the moment to receive blessings and offer devotion to Jesus.

In Sitges the Christmas midnight mess takes place in the parish of San Bartolomeu i Santa Tecla church. The Song of the Sibyl, a Gregorian chant, will be performed with Gemma Biosca (vocals) and Nídia Berbegal (organ).

If you have young children and would like to attend an earlier mass there is the so called “pollet” (chick) mess taking place at the  at 19:00 in San Bartolomeu church.

If you are in Sitges during Christmas time and you are catholic we recommend you to attend the ceremony at Midnight.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Festival in Sitges

Christmas Festival in Sitges

Christmas Festival in Sitges is happening this weekend. On the beach front, in paseo de la Fregata, a huge glass tent of 900m2 is set up to host all sorts of Christmas products for sales.

The Christmas Festival in Sitges is meant to be a very visual space, where you can buy Christmas products with the latest industry trends and watch demonstrations of the consolidated professionals participating in the contest.

At the show and the various workshops, visitors will find different visions of Christmas, with products ranging from more country style to the more modern and minimalist ones. You will find Christmas gifts for the whole family, proposals and decorative objects, as well as other unique products from local artisans.

While the the market will be open till Sunday from 11 to 15 the festivity will continue throughout December and part of January. Performances, Christmas movies projections, concerts, and much more is what you can expect if the lively Sitges.


If you want to know more about the Christmas holiday activities CLICK HERE!

Görkem Kasal Sitges

Actor Görkem Kasal at Sitges Movie Festival 2015

Görkem Kasal

We are thrilled about our new upcoming VIP guest at Casita Sitges! Young and super talented actor Görkem Kasal is arriving in Sitges this Saturday to attend the premier of his last movie Baskin presented at this year’s Sitges Movie Festival.

Görken is playing a leading role in the movie directed by Turkish director Can Evrenol. Baskin is officially part of this year competition in the Fantastic section of the Festival.

Straight back from Toronto’s Movie Festival, Görken and the rest of the casting crew have being busy touring to promote the movie all around the world.

Baskin will be played three times during the Sitges Movie Festival. On Sunday October 11, it will be played at 10:15 and 16:15 at the Auditori. On Monday October 12 the movie will be played at 10:45 at Retiro.

If you want to get a preview of Baskin click this link… and remember that is a Fantastic Horror movie so, some parent discretion is advised 🙂 Baskin

For more information about Sitges Movie Festival 2015 also check this link: Sitges Movie Festival 2015




Venice Gala Charity Event at Palau Maricel in Sitges, Barcelona

Tens of beautiful photos showing elegant costumes inspired by the famous Carnival in Venice in one of the most stunning mansion in Sitges, now a museum: Palau Maricel! Great catering, music, elegance and the ironic touch of Sitges. Enjoy these pictures, they are truly beautiful. Thanks to +Visit Sitges for sharing this album.

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Gran Gala de Venècia a Sitges 2015
Celebrada al Palau de Maricel, la Gran Gala de Venècia 2015, gala benèfica a favor de Càrites de Sitges, esponsoritzada per els Hotels Cid, Galeón, Platjador i Restaurant Rincón de Pepe i dirigida per Giorgio Manni. #sitges #carnavalsitges15 #carnaval #carnaval2015 #sitgescarnaval #venecia


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Official Activity Program of 2015 Carnival in Sitges

From February 6 thru February 21st this program includes any and every single activity related to this year Carnival in Sitges. Don’t miss out this amazing Fiesta if you are in Catalonia. Come to Sitges and have fun!

Thanks to +Visit Sitges for posting this article with the calendar!

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Artistic Roller Skating Festival in Sitges

Another great activity for the families in Sitges, Barcelona. This is part of the busy Christmas calendar activities this year!

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Festival de Patinatge artístic Sitges 2014
Aquesta tarda s’ha celebrat el Festival de Patinatge artístic Sitges 2014 en el Pavelló Poliesportiu Pins vens.


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