Vladinsky painting

Art Exhibition in Sitges

A new art exhibition in Sitges will be shown at Out of Africa Gallery this April. The work of Vladinsky will be on show from April 9 thru May 29, 2016.

Vladinsky was born in 1988 in Onesti, Romania. With a background in graphic design he first approached abstract painting to eventually move his artistic expression into portraits.

His artistic language draws inspiration from pop art with a very expressive and powerful work. The paintings on show at Out of Africa are a series of portraits of Black celebrities who had an impact to the world.

The paintings are all large format and with the colourful pop technique used they are quite impressive. The opening show will be on April 9th, 2016 at 8.00pm with a jam session and cava cocktail.

Out of Africa is an art gallery specialized in African and tribal art that is now a reference in Catalonia. With 6 art exhibitions every year the gallery works with the most talented African artists in the market. These artists can be either young promising artists or already established and recognized ones in the art world.

Out of Africa is located in c. Mayor 7.

For more information about this new art exhibition in Sitges you can Click HERE!

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