For the Lucky Tourist in Barcelona this Weekend: Llum Festival Festival of Light!

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In honour of Saint Eulàlia, one of Barcelona’s two patron saints, the streets of Ciutat Vella the Middle Ages district fill with giants and giantesses, devils, dragons, eagles, lions, castle-makers, folk dancers and many other well-known characters and popular culture figures that are part of a festive tradition that has been documented since the 14th century. This year’s winter festivities will welcome the parade from Manresa, the 2015 guest city.

The festival LLUM BCN, which in 2015 coincides with the International Year of Light, is made up of a series of illuminated installations that combine art, tradition and technology. The installations have been created by students and teachers from graphic design, interior design, lighting and architecture schools in Barcelona. The festival also benefits from the participation of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) and the Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI), as well as other groups and celebrated artists.

There are light installations and performances throughout the city. The video in this post was taken last night at Casa Mila – La Pedrera in Paseo de Gracia. For the occasion the facade of Gaudí masterpiece became the screen for a number of light performances. Watch it and enjoy! And if you are in Barcelona or Sitges, don't miss this opportunity and discover the city with a "special light".

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