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Barcelona is a LGBT Friendly City

Barcelona is a LGBT friendly city and there are several facts proving it. It is a city founded on tolerance and respect for diversity as the story I am about to write will demonstrate.

A very tragic fact happened on October 6th, 1991. In Ciutadella Park a transexual named Sonia Rescalvo Zafra was attacked and brutally murdered by a group of Nazi because of her transexual identity.

The city of Barcelona rejects and condemns any violence and crime violating the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This statement has been made public and carved in a sign in Ciutadella Park where this atrocious crime was committed. A bandstand has been dedicated to Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, it is called La Glorieta de la transexual Sonia (the bandstand of  Sonia, the transexual). There very few cities who have diversity in their agenda and make such explicit statement agains violence and intolerance over people for their sexual identity.

Besides this tragic fact and it’s rightful condemnation, Barcelona has been always extremely tolerant and open minded since democracy was obtained. It is a pleasure both to live in or to visit a city of such a kind.

The Ciutadella Park is located next to el Borne and it hosts several important attractions of the city. The zoo, the Catalan Parliament, the museum of geology are located in and around this beautiful Park. The Glorieta dedicated to Sonia is inside the park next to the Cascada (waterfall).

Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival is one of the best in Europe. Every year it attracts a crowd of more than 250,000 people for it’s amazing richness and variety.

The Sitges Carnival is founded on the tolerance and respect characterising this town. This fiesta brings together gay people, families, children and youngsters who just want to have fun.

This year the official Sitges Carnival 2016 is from Tuesday February 2nd thru Wednesday February 10th. The main parades take place on February 7th (Sunday) and on Mardi Gras February 9th (Fat Tuesday) with both parades starting at 8.00pm.

Each parade last for over 3 hours starting in c. Jesus and following an itinerary around Sitges old town. Visitors stand around the two sides of the streets taking part on this amazing show. Allegoric wagons pass along the streets with a theme and loud music. Participants wear amazing colourful and rich costumes and dance a choreography surrounded by an ecstatic crowd.

In the afternoon starting at 4.00pm there are children parades equally beautiful. And beyond the parade hours, Sitges just sparkles. Restaurants and bars are open and the town is so lively.

For gay people this is a fantastic event. The most popular gay bars in town are open and there are fiestas and parties every day of the week.

This is really an event not to be missed. In fact you should plan your trip immediately to join this fiesta, one of the best in Europe. Casita Sitges is a gay friendly apartment and is open to host you and make you live an unforgettable week!

Enjoy the fun, enjoy the fiesta, enjoy Sitges!

Bear shop Roca

Bears Week

Make you bear shine and plan you trip for the first of the two annual Bears Week in Sitges. This great gay event takes place in Sitges as a summer kick off during the last weekend of April. The official dates are from April 28th to May 1st 2016 although in reality there are many bears before and after these two dates.

This gay festival is widely popular and attracts more than 5.000 visitors among bears and bears’ lovers. The second Bears Week takes place in September (2nd to 11th). Normally the Bears village is set up in Paseo Maritim with Bears pretty much everywhere. In town the heart of the action is around carrer Joan Tarrida with all bars open for great and memorable parties.

This April the kick off party will be at XXL bar at 7pm on April 27th. XXL hosts also a closing party on May 1st. This bar is one of the most popular bar in the Sitges gay scene with a small dark room upstairs and a dance floor downstairs. On the street there is always a festive atmosphere with people hanging out with their drinks chatting and having fun!

The event is really busy so you should start planning your trip to get the best ticket fare and best accomodations. Casita Sitges is a gay friendly home and if you are after a lovely and quiet home with two great terraces with outdoor hot shower, barbecue and solarium/chillout area then contact us immediately at The home is still available for you.

And on the beauty side, if you want to make your bear really sexy and splendid while in Sitges you could do a short trip to Barcelona (it is just a 30 minute ride with 4 trains every hour) and visit Josep Roca shop. The picture we are showing is from the shop’s window. There you can find an assortment of everything that can make you bear shine. This shop is an institution in Barcelona. It exists from 1911 and sells items ranging from bears and hair care, professional knifes, fancy kitchen utensils, everything of top quality. The shop decor inside is art nouveau original with a professional staff who will help you to choose the best items to satisfy your needs. Ganiveteria Roca can be found in Plaça del Pi 3, 08002 Barcelona. Tel. +34 933 02 12 41

Happy Bears Week! 🙂

Gay Merry Christmas

A Rainbow Merry Christmas

Sitges is a gay friendly town. To be precise it is the 5th most gay friendly town in the planet after Palm Spring in the US and before Berlin in Germany. Casita Sitges is also a gay friendly home.  We have been hosting many gay and lesbian couples over time, including honeymooners who chose our Casita as the place to spend their first night as married couple. Considering the many options available in town for us it was a true honour.

We would like to wish a Rainbow Merry Christmas to all our gay and lesbian guests, our followers and those who will come staying with us in the future. The gorgeous rainbow dessert in the picture has been made by Sweetie, an artist pastry chef who loves the rainbow colours as much as we do.

Keep being proud of what you are and what gives you joy and happiness in life. Merry Christmas!

Gay shopping in Sitges

Gay Shopping in Sitges

Sitges is one of the most gay friendly places on the planet according to the Lonely Planet Guide ranking. In 2015 ranking, Sitges came out at the 5th place before Berlin and after Palm Springs.

From a fashion point of view the choice of shops is very wide. Gay shopping in Sitges is great. There are certain streets that offer a higher concentration of fashion shops for gays and in general you can find gay fashion shops all around town.

Streets like carrer Bonaire or carrer Sant Francesc have a pretty good number of gay shops. Also carrer de les Parellades, one of the busiest streets in the heart of the old town, offer a very good variety of gay fashion shops.

A super fancy shop that is not primarily thought for gays but it is surely perfect for gay men who love top brands and high end fashion designers is Coso.  Etro, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Brunello Cuccinelli (one of the leading Italian brand specialized on cashemere) are just some of the brands that Coso sells. Surely worth a visit to polish your eyes with beautiful clothing.

Have fun shopping! The fall season is now on display and Sitges windows are amazing! 🙂

Gay shopping Sitges

Casita Sitges supports and welcomes LGBT community

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How do you find happiness? 🙂

Barcelona Drag Race on Sunday November 9

The Barcelona Drag Race event is on tomorrow, a new reality show concept fiesta- ever seen to date: the Barcelona Drag Race.

Inspired by a popular American TV program presented by celebrity RuPaul, the party aims at finding the best Drag Queen of the moment among the 11 selected contestants. There will be 6 parties, one per month, during which the Drag Queens will perform on stage….till they drop. And no wonder, because the winner will be crowned the 'Queen of Queens' and will receive a prize of 10,000 €.

The performances will be judged by a jury of luxury: Deborah Ombres, popular presenter who returns to the fray after a few years out of Spain, and La Terremoto de Alcorcón, which will bring its spice dose of humor. Michele McCain, a New York singer, director of the Academy of reality 'Popstars' and singer for James Brown, will join the jury in the second gala. Everything presented and led by Shimai, multifaceted expert on drag.

In this exceptional cast must be added the performance of a different guest star during each party. Soraya, one of the most beloved dance artists, will be responsible for putting the finishing touches on this grand opening. The evening will be entertained by dancers training Blessed Dance Crew and the best dance and house music DJs Lady Ego, and Steven Redant Hidroboy.

Where? Apolo Theater in Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, Barcelona

Barcelona Drag Race is a bid to regain the offender and original spirit that has always characterized the city. A production quality insurance fill color and fresh air at night weekend in Barcelona. Let the show begin!

Check this link for further details on the event:

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Do you know how would it be like a tweet from Casita Sitges?

It would be a rainbow tweet! Casita Sitges is located in the stunning Sitges ( 30 minutes away from Barcelona) the 5th most gay friendly town in the planet according to a recent Lonely Planet ranking.

Contact us at and check our lovely website
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Drag Queen

The Best Drag Queens Show

One of the best drag queens show is Sitges is at Queenz. Whether you are gay or straight, the show at Queenz deserves attendance. Drag Queens performing are excellent artists with colourful and beautiful costumes singing major hits from the ´80s and other famous songs.

This is a perfect place for a great night out. It is also a perfect place to celebrate bachelor’s parties. The Queenz is currently offering a Dinner and Show at 21.00 on Friday and Saturday. Tapas and Show at 20.00 on Sunday.
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Gay Friendly Sitges

Sitges has something for everyone and its fantastic reputation makes it for a very enjoyable place to stay for your holiday. Sitges is also known for hosting festivals, events and the gay pride. Find out more about it here.