The Museum of History of Catalonia

The Museum of History of Catalonia

The Museum of History of Catalonia (Museu d’Història de Catalunya) is a museum about Catalonia open to the world. If you are into history and culture and want to know more about Catalonia, a visit to this museum is highly recommended.

The Museum of History of Catalonia opened in 1996 to make Catalan history and culture better known to its citizens and to any visitor. The museum stimulates an interaction between history and the other social sciences and actively engages in contemporary issues and happenings. The Museum of History of Catalonia counts with a cultural centre offering to its visitors opportunities for learning as well as relaxation and enjoyment. 

The Museum of History of Catalonia (Museu d’Història de Catalunya) is hosted in a charming red brick building overlooking Port Vell (Old Harbour). This building used to be the old trade warehouses (Magatzems Generals de Comerç), and now the only building of the old industrial port of Barcelona to be conserved. This building it is nowadays known as the Palau de Mar and was designed in 1881 by the engineer Maurici Garrán and was intended to be used as a warehouse.

One thing that is probably a bit less known is that the museum has a fantastic roof terrace with a cocktail bar. It’s large chill-out area makes this roof terrace as the perfect place to relax after a busy day visiting monuments and museums in Barcelona. From the terrace one can enjoy a stunning view of the old harbour. The picture we are showing in this article is in fact the view you will be seeing if you visit the terrace’s museum.

Barcelona has plenty of “secret” roof terraces, many of them hidden in hotels and many others hidden in museums or cultural centres. We consider the terrace of the Museum of History of Catalonia as one of the hidden secrets of Barcelona.

To know more about the museum click HERE!

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