Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 is back in town! There are 36 bars participating in this spring edition of this gastronomic festival (there is second edition in October).

Each bar creates a special tapas for the event which can be tasted either with a glass of beer or with a glass of wine for just 2.50€. This festival takes place from April 7 thru April 17, 2016.

At Sitges tourist office you can grab Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 booklet containing the list of bars participating and the description of the Tapa. With the booklet you can easily plan your gastronomic tour. If you don’t have the booklet or you want to be more adventurous and experience the festival without too much planning, don’t worry. The bars participating at Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 post a large poster next to their entrance door so you cannot miss them.

Tapas are for all tastes. Meat based, fish based or vegetarian tapas! No excuses not to enjoy such festival. It must be noted that as much as this event is very much appreciated by tourists, locals from Sitges and daily visitors from Barcelona do appreciate and hangout in these bars. So you can expect to live a real Spanish experience as you do your tapa discovery and spend time in any of these bars.

The picture we are showing is the tapa created by El Cable, a renown tapas bar which is across the street of Casita Sitges, our holiday rental. A Thai style rice risotto which comes with a fun packaging perfect to grab it with your beer and eat it, as Spaniards would do, on the street outside the bar chatting with friends.

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 is sponsored by beer maker Estrella Damm and it has been now at its 5th edition.

Bon apetit! 🙂

Post written by Paola, slow food practitioner and host at Casita Sitges. www.casitasitges.com

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