Money Saving Tip for the Gourmet Tourist in Sitges, Barcelona

If you are visiting Sitges or Barcelona and you appreciate fancy food but you would like not to spend a fortune for your meal, here is a way to save good money!
There is a website called El Tenedor with a large list of restaurants where you can eat with a discount. You can select restaurants by type of cuisine, by style (romantic, business, celebrations, etc.), by location and by price range. The discount amount may be up to 50% and certain conditions apply (e.g. an order of minimum two courses).
This picture I am sharing comes from a recent dinner in Barcelona. We were a group of 8 and that night wanted to enjoy some sophisticated dish without spending a fortune. So we selected a good restaurant in El Tenedor website and we saved about 50% in our bill and we had a great food experience. Usually wine is excluded from the promotion and you are more likely to find great discounts during week days. It is certainly recommended to check this link before planning your dinner

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