Great and Inexpensive Restaurant in Barcelona

Great and Inexpensive Restaurant in Barcelona

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona.

Is it possible? It surely is. It is the case of Somodó a Catalan restaurant with a Japanese chef in the authentic Gracia district (barrio de Gracia). Somodó offers a lunch tasting menu for as little as 20€ with wine and coffee included. For dinner there are two tasting menus at 29€ and 35€ wine excluded.

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

The food is seasonal and the menu changes every week. Shojiro is the name of the chef, a Japanese who has been living in Barcelona for several years. He is a highly skilled chef who mixes cooking techniques to prepare creative Mediterranean dishes with a Japanese touch.

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

We had lunch at Somodó this morning. The menu offers appetiser, entrée, main course, a cheese taste a dessert a bottle of wine for two, water and coffee for as little as 20€. I am posting the photos of the full meal so you can judge with your own eyes. I hope you agree that Delicious food is not always expensive. Somodó is really a great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

This little gem is hidden in c. Ros de Olano 11, it seats approximately 25 people in a space that is like an old Gracia home. Very simple yet charming. It is better to book in advance.

If you are staying in Sitges and spend a day to visit Barcelona, a slow lunch at Somodó is recommended. While you are visiting monuments such as La Pedrera or Casa Batlló you can easily walk to Somodó and take a break there for lunch. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona. Out of tourist guides it is really a place for slow and quality food lovers. Enjoy!

To know more about Somodó CLICK HERE! 

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 is back in town! There are 36 bars participating in this spring edition of this gastronomic festival (there is second edition in October).

Each bar creates a special tapas for the event which can be tasted either with a glass of beer or with a glass of wine for just 2.50€. This festival takes place from April 7 thru April 17, 2016.

At Sitges tourist office you can grab Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 booklet containing the list of bars participating and the description of the Tapa. With the booklet you can easily plan your gastronomic tour. If you don’t have the booklet or you want to be more adventurous and experience the festival without too much planning, don’t worry. The bars participating at Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 post a large poster next to their entrance door so you cannot miss them.

Tapas are for all tastes. Meat based, fish based or vegetarian tapas! No excuses not to enjoy such festival. It must be noted that as much as this event is very much appreciated by tourists, locals from Sitges and daily visitors from Barcelona do appreciate and hangout in these bars. So you can expect to live a real Spanish experience as you do your tapa discovery and spend time in any of these bars.

The picture we are showing is the tapa created by El Cable, a renown tapas bar which is across the street of Casita Sitges, our holiday rental. A Thai style rice risotto which comes with a fun packaging perfect to grab it with your beer and eat it, as Spaniards would do, on the street outside the bar chatting with friends.

Tapa a Tapa Sitges 2016 is sponsored by beer maker Estrella Damm and it has been now at its 5th edition.

Bon apetit! 🙂

Post written by Paola, slow food practitioner and host at Casita Sitges.

Supper Club

Supper Club

Casita Sitges’ Supper Club is a booster for the senses that we propose to our Guests. Our Supper Club is a gastronomic journey and it is also the opportunity to conversate with someone local and get a deeper dive into the Spanish culture.

While you stay at Casita Sitges you can easily plan a day trip to Barcelona and end your day by visiting your hosts in Barcelona. We live in a charming district in the city center in a typical Barcelona building from the turn of the century.

We are slow food practitioners and we love to share a menu to make you travel with your senses across Catalonia and Spain.

Today we are hosting a dinner and the pictures we are sharing are showing how we set the table and the menu we prepared for tonight. 🙂

Supper Club Menu

If you are curious, just contact us at We would love to tell you more about our Supper Club.

Bon apetit!

Table set by Paola, your host at 🙂

Ensaladilla rusa

Traditional Spanish Tapas

Ensaladilla rusa (Russian salad) is a traditional Spanish tapas that you can find pretty much in every tapas bar in Catalonia and in Spain. Being familiar with this tapas is important as it is really a classic of the Spanish food tradition.

The recipe to prepare this very traditional Spanish tapas is fairly simple. Ensaladilla rusa is a mix of diced and boiled vegetables with some canned tuna (or chicken) and dressed with mayonnaise. It is normally served with breadsticks and it goes well together with a caña (beer) or a glass of wine.

Ensaladilla rusa

The original version of the salad was invented by Lucien Olivier, a Belgian cook working at the famous Hermitage restaurant. It became a signature dish of the restaurant and a wide popular salad throughout the Country. In fact, in Russia this dish is called “Olivier salad”.

Most Spanish bars have the ensaladilla rusa on display on top of the bar in the refrigerated section. The portion served is usually generous as it is a fairly cheap tapas that may cost between 3 to 4 euros. Make sure the salad looks fresh with the mayonnaise having a pale yellow colour.


I am posting the picture of this ensaladilla because I thought it’s presentation was particularly nice … and it was delicious too 🙂 We had it at Bar But in c. Bonavista 8, in the lovely Gracia district. If you want to know more about Bar But Click HERE!

Bon profit!

strawberry sangria

Strawberry Sangria

Have you ever heard of a strawberry sangria? This is a perfect drink for spring and summer whenever you are chilling out in our terrace or you are having an an al fresco meal.

The ingredients are simple and are available in spring and in summer. If you are staying at Casita Sitges there is a fantastic fruit and vegetable shop just across the street where you can find the ingredients.

Here is the recipe for the Strawberry Sangria:

Ingredients: 800 gr. fresh strawberries, 600 gr. fresh kiwi, 3 table spoon of sugar, 3 fresh oranges, half cup of water, half cup of rum, 1 bottle of white wine such as verdejo or sauvignon blanc from Rueda, 1 bottle of cava brut nature.

Chop 400gr. of strawberries, put it in a pot with sugar and water. Boil it and keep it on the stove till the strawberries have melted. Turn the gas off and drain to have a smooth liquid. Cool it into the fridge.

Peel off and cut the kiwi into slices. Cut the remaining strawberries and put it with the kiwi into a jug. Add the cold strawberry extract you have formerly prepared. Add the rum, the entire bottle of white wine, squeeze the juice of the organges and let all rest into the fridge for at least 4 hours. When ready to serve fill the jar with the cava, stir and serve, guaranteed success!

Enjoy! 🙂

Club Nautico Sitges

Club Nautico Restaurant

During this beautiful day of late February we tried the Club Nautico Restaurant. This place has been recently remodelled and today we decided to try it’s food and enjoy the meal in the outdoor terrace.

The scenery is quite spectacular as you can see from the picture. Either you can enjoy the view of the church of San Bartolomeu i Santa Tecla or you can admire the long beach and the water.

At Club Nautico Restaurant they proposed a menu for 15.90€ which includes an entré, a main dish and a dessert. The dessert was probably the best among the three dishes we tried and overall it was a very enjoyable lunch.

There is an indoor space as well painted in white, simple, fresh and clean. There are wide glasses overlooking the beach so in windy or rainy days (although those are quite rare, especially this year) the indoor room can be a good alternative.

For its location and the kindness of the personnel Club Nautico restaurant  is highly recommended particularly for an aperitif or for a beer break.

To know more about the Club Nautico restaurant CLICK HERE!

Location: Club Nautico Sitges in front of Paseo de La Fregata.


Catalan desert

The Typical Desserts in Catalonia

What are the typical desserts in Catalonia and the Penedes region surrounding Sitges? To name them all the list would be too long. So in this article we would like to write about two in particular that are very traditional and sometimes not so easy to find.

But let’s make a comment about the container of the desserts in the picture. There is so much about Penedes in that picture! The plate holding the dessert is actually half a bottle of cava wine. That it is not a coincidence. In fact, we have been tasting this food at Mirador de les Caves near Sant Sadurní d’Aloia, the capital of cava wine in Catalonia. This is an amazing restaurant with a breathtaking view which serves a huge variety of cava from the many local producers in the area. The restaurant is actually next Cava Llopart so you can also find many, if not all, Llopart cava and wines.

Now the desserts. The succulent one on top is a beautiful chocolate creation of the restaurant chef. The plate with biscuits and chocolate confetti are Carquinyolis and Catànies respectively. The first is baked like a biscuit and mixed with sweet bread and almonds. It is crunchy and sweet and it is best when accompanied with some sweet wine. In this case Sitges Malvasia would have been a perfect match.

Catànies is a chocolate sweet typical of Vilafranca del Penedès and some other near towns. It is made with marcona -a prestigious Catalan type- almonds, toasted and covered first by caramel and afterwards by a thick lay of white chocolate or a mixture of almond, hazelnut and milk. Finally they are covered by a thin lay of powdered black chocolate, sometimes mixed with a little bit of invisible sugar. They are often given as gifts or eaten for example with the coffee, after a meal as we were doing.

If you want to try yourself these desserts while you are touring the wine region near Sitges just go to El Mirador de les Caves and check this link to have more information about the menu and exact location:

Voramar pub in Sitges

The Best Cocktail Bar in Sitges

In our search for excellence in food & drinks, we found the best cocktail bar in Sitges. Last night we tried Voramar Pub. This place is a very well known one among locals from Sitges as it has been around since 1956.

Voramar is one of the few places with both an outstanding location (on the sea front) and a high quality offering. We had two Mojitos which are the ones showed in the picture. The size was very generous, pretty much the double of the size of a mojito that would be normally served in any other bar. It was also rich, lots of mint, lime and rum. A very friendly waitress brought a bowl of crispy and delicious chips with it. It was about mid-night and the place was packed with a nice crowd of locals and some tourists. They charged 15€ for the chips and the two large mojitos which we thought was very reasonable. This is a place we would highly recommend if you want a fantastic cocktail in a great location without feeling to be in a tourist trap. We will surely be back!

Location: c. Puerto Alegre 55 (in front of San Sebastian beach)

If you want to know more about the cocktails specialties offered at Voramar’s click this link:

Tapas Sitges

Fancy tapas in Sitges

This amazing tapas has been created for the annual tapas competition in Sitges. 30 bars and restaurant create a tapas specifically for the event. The price is 2.50€ for a tapas and a glass of beer. The tapas in this video resembles an art performance for the scenography that is build into it. It is called La Tapa de Obelix referring to the famous cartoon character who was crazy about wild boar and which is the main ingredient of the small dish. It was created by El Cable one of the best tapas bar in Sitges.  Enjoy!

Tapa El Cable Sitges

cheap tapas in Sitges

Cheap tapas in Sitges

It is again that time of the year where you can taste a tapas and a beer for 2,50€. This initiative is called Tapa a Tapa and in running from November 5th thru November 15th.

During Tapa a Tapa event there are 30 bars and restaurants taking part in this now famous cheap tapas in Sitges event. Each bar/restaurant serve a tapas that was specifically created for this event. This is a great excuse to do bar hopping trying a different tapa (while drinking a beer) for a very modest price.

For more information about Tapa a Tapa in Sitges and for planning you tapas tour check click here.