Great and Inexpensive Restaurant in Barcelona

Great and Inexpensive Restaurant in Barcelona

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona.

Is it possible? It surely is. It is the case of Somodó a Catalan restaurant with a Japanese chef in the authentic Gracia district (barrio de Gracia). Somodó offers a lunch tasting menu for as little as 20€ with wine and coffee included. For dinner there are two tasting menus at 29€ and 35€ wine excluded.

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

The food is seasonal and the menu changes every week. Shojiro is the name of the chef, a Japanese who has been living in Barcelona for several years. He is a highly skilled chef who mixes cooking techniques to prepare creative Mediterranean dishes with a Japanese touch.

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

We had lunch at Somodó this morning. The menu offers appetiser, entrée, main course, a cheese taste a dessert a bottle of wine for two, water and coffee for as little as 20€. I am posting the photos of the full meal so you can judge with your own eyes. I hope you agree that Delicious food is not always expensive. Somodó is really a great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

Great and inexpensive restaurant in Barcelona

This little gem is hidden in c. Ros de Olano 11, it seats approximately 25 people in a space that is like an old Gracia home. Very simple yet charming. It is better to book in advance.

If you are staying in Sitges and spend a day to visit Barcelona, a slow lunch at Somodó is recommended. While you are visiting monuments such as La Pedrera or Casa Batlló you can easily walk to Somodó and take a break there for lunch. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona. Out of tourist guides it is really a place for slow and quality food lovers. Enjoy!

To know more about Somodó CLICK HERE! 

Top tip to the Food Lovers: OctopuSitges 2015, gastronomy in Sitges, Barcelona

Another fantastic initiative in the beach town that never sleep! During June 2015 a selection of 10 high end restaurants offer a fancy dish either with octopus, squid or calamari and a glass of chilled cava Torello (local sparkling wine) or Torres white wine for 9€.

The OctopuSitges event is meant to divulgate the cuisine of higher end restaurant to a wider audience for a cheaper price. It can be fun to try one or more dish during the same night by following the OctopuSitges route.

In this picture we are showing the dish prepared by Cal Pinxo restaurant in Paseo de la Ribera 5. The main ingredient chosen by Cal Pinxo is calamari served with hummus and a stain of black squid ink: it was both delicious and beautifully presented. We also tried a couple of deserts and we concluded our evening (sitting a outdoor table overlooking Sitges church and the beach) with a bill of 31€ in total. All in all a perfect evening!

For more information about the event and the restaurant list participating in OctopuSitges check this link:

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We love the tapas experience and more so when we can have it in a beach town like Sitges. How do you like this mix?

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Better to Be Brava if You are a Potato in Spain

Patatas Bravas is another iconic dish in the Spanish gastronomic. Chopped, fried and topped with alli i olli a spicy mayonnaise with lots of garlic and a hot red sauce, they are served pretty much in every tapas bar. Sitges and Barcelona are not exception to that.
What we would like to propose today is a creative way to present them. This picture was taken during one of our discovery tour in the multitude of bars and restaurants in Sitges. We thought they were delicious and certainly presented in a very elegant and original way. Enjoy it!

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Coffee Art: Pick Your Favourite!

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Best Creative Coffee Art Ideas
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